How Much Does It Cost To Get A Business Website?

A business website is not much different from a regular website or blog. In fact, most of the times it is the templates that make the differences.

Take for an example, you are on a website now. The article you’re reading is a blog, which means that you can put a blog template on this to make it a full blog.

What Is The Difference Between A Website And A Blog?

There are no much differences.

Basically, a blog is website that is constantly updated.

A website can last years without being updated, since the users are there for different purposes.

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It could be an ecommerce website, and you already have photos of what you are selling. All your customers need is log in and place orders, and you deliver to them.

It is however not same with blogs and media websites, and they have to be updated at intervals.

Different Platforms For Building Websites

There are so many platforms for building websites, and they have their different advantages and disadvantages.

I will categorize them into two.

  • Content Management Systems

These are the platforms that are already built, and you need little or no programming knowledge to use them.

I prefer building my client’s websites on these, since they generally find it difficult to manage websites built from scratch and most times, would need to be paying programmers.

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Some of the examples include WordPressWix and Blogger.

  • Building from scratch

With this, you build your websites from scratch. You can build it using different programming languages ie HTML and PHP.

Most companies who use this also pay programmers later on to manage them.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Business Website In Nigeria

The cost of getting a website in Nigeria is not static, and different web developers charge different prices.

The platform on which the website is built plays a huge role in determining the prices.


  • Blogger websites cost between ₦10,000 and ₦20,000. You pay for only domain names, so they are fairly cheaper.
  • WordPress websites cost between ₦25,000 and ₦350,000+. They can be used to build very complex websites, but a simple business website can cost you just ₦25,000.
  • Websites built from scratch cost anything starting from ₦75,000 to a few millions.
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Most times it is built by firms, and they have up to four workers on your site at a time.


While some people believe that the more expensive, the better, I doubt if it works for websites.

A WordPress website of ₦25,000 might serve better, and even be more beautiful than a PHP site of ₦75,000.

I have seen professionals who build very complex websites, but they do not turn out so pretty if you’re to compare.

Everything depends on choice.

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