Best Hosting Company In Nigeria 2020

There are a lot of hosting companies, and many are coming up everyday. Which one is the best of all?

A lot of people are looking for the cheapest website hosting companies in Nigeria, but cheap is not always the greatest.

For me, I think we should be searching for the best value for our monies, or what do you think?

Well, there are a lot of hosting companies with their advantages and disadvantages.

People with good budget go for BlueHost and Godaddy website hosting.

Godaddy starts at $2.99 per month for economy plan to $12.99 per month for the maximum plan.

Bluehost on the other hand charges $2.95 for the basic plan and around $6.95 for their standard plan.

These are shared hosting plans, and there are limits to the traffic they can handle.

Why I Don’t Suggest Any Nigerian Hosting Companies

I have tried some of the self acclaimed best Nigerian hosting companies, and I got the worst experiences I ever had online.

I’m not mentioning any brand names, since we’re not here to demote any companies. One of my problems with Nigerian hosting companies is their indiscriminate usage of the word, unlimited.

While advertising themselves, they promise you heaven and earth for a very affordable rate.

They claim unlimited bandwidth, and we rush for that. My unlimited bandwidth couldn’t carry 200 daily page views… Lol!
Aside that, my website kept going offline, especially immediately I hit publish.

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I felt my village people were online!

After trying a lot of times, I contacted support and they told me my traffic was much.

I was asked to upgrade to a plan of ₦96,000 per year, with ₦3,600 monthly fee for Cpanel.

Should I continue my story?

How Secured Are Nigerian Hosting Companies?

To an extent, I can call them secured.

Majority of them, if not all are using shared hosting plans so their security might be dependent on the host company.

However, I have heard a few people complain of loosing their data to a fault in their hosting companies.

These people don’t back up our stuff… Jeeez! Are you kidding me? The guy lost his whole website, with all the high ranking keywords and contents.

No wonder we don’t preach good about Nigerian hosting companies.

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The only good things about most of them is that their customer care would always attend to you fast, and that’s at least a pro over some foreign companies.

I tried a foreign option…

When my people failed me, I decided to try the foreign options.

A friend introduced me to Namecheap, and I gave it a trial.

Basically, it is the best hosting company I every tried.

Amazing customer care and wonderful hosting plans. Their worker even helped me with the migration, and I was feeling like a first class passenger… Lol!
You can check out their plans by clicking here, and they give 50% off first year.

Have you tried any of them? How was your experience? Let me know in the comment box below.

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